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QDOS has had the pleasure of working closely with a wide range of organisations that deal with other businesses and with the Public in varied settings & circumstances from Housing Management & Rent Collection to Cathedrals & Museums. Whilst the principles of good Service and successful Selling remain constant across different sectors the techniques required to apply these principles for a Win-Win result do vary and we understand this well.

The benefit of using an external resource to encourage minds to open and attitudes to take on a more positive approach is significant – a fresh face and the absence of preconceived impressions help to engage delegates in an upbeat dialogue that cuts both ways – we listen to them and they listen to us.

The subject matter is rarely Rocket Science, yet nor is it always Common Sense – by a long way! Our approach is one of a Workshop, facilitated by an expert and built around your organisations goals and plans.

Every organisation has its unique attributes and so in order to ensure we fully appreciate how your group works we will spend time with you & your people prior to engaging in a program of Workshops – we don’t charge for this because it’s our chance to learn more about you & the way you work. Broadly speaking Workshops fall into the following categories:


Depending on how delegates see their role we sometimes need to soften the ‘sell’ aspect to simply ‘help’ / ‘inform’ / ‘encourage’. Of course if ‘Sales’ is in the Job Title then our approach can be more direct – either way the Team need to appreciate the vital importance of selling and they need to understand how the Customer benefits from that expenditure –for example, an enhanced experience or greater value for money.

Customer Service

Whether your Customer is on site for just a few minutes or for several hours or longer will dictate the likely level of their interaction with your Team.

From First Impressions to Building Rapport and Upselling – whatever’s most important to your organisation’s Customers, those are the areas on which the Workshop will focus. Obtaining Customer Feedback, understanding the different priorities of different Customer groups and appreciating how we compare to our Competitors – these are all important aspects of Customer Service and we work closely with you to devise a tailor-made Workshop, or series of Workshops, to encourage your Team to buy into the aims & objectives of the organisation.

Face-to-face skills


Whether the Prospect is expected, e.g. by appointment, or unexpected we’ll look at how they can be made to feel welcomed & appreciated, quickly put at ease and how best to present the product / service to them. We’ll look at key aspects including:

  • Client Research & Data Collection
  • Identifying Customer Objectives
  • Features & Benefits
  • Negotiation
  • Closing the Sale
  • Customer Service

The potential value of each Customer interaction is high – indeed it’s often the only real factor that distinguishes your organisation from your competitors. People buy people – so we’ll look at, amongst other aspects:

  • Body Language & Personal Presentation
  • Conversation & Listening Skills
  • Upselling techniques
  • Attentiveness & Attention to detail
  • Service Recovery when things have gone wrong
  • Telephone & e-mail techniques
  • General

It’s great that we have technological means to communicate with Customers & Prospective Customers but it’s vital we remember how easy it is to misuse these tools. So in these Workshops we’ll be looking at aspects such as:

  • E-mail Etiquette
  • Telephone Manners
  • Telephone & E-mail Management e.g. what happens when unanswered / engaged?
  • Selling

Often our Prospects’ very first impression comes by phone or e-mail and if we don’t get it right – we lose the sale! So, in addition to those aspects listed above we’ll look at: Question technique – to establish Needs

  • Data collection – so we know who we’re dealing with
  • Presentation – Product & Price as applicable
  • Closing the Sale / Making an appointment – whichever is appropriate
  • The next step(s) & Closing the Call
  • Enquiry follow-up – keeping our promise!
  • Customer Service

One of the top 3 Customer grumbles in the 21st century is the frustration experienced when dealing with Service Providers over the phone. When an organisation handles calls well the impact is therefore tremendously positive in terms of your reputation and likelihood of Customer Loyalty. So, in addition to general aspects we’ll look at:

  • Identifying the Need
  • Communicating the best course of action
  • Transferring calls between Team members
  • Service Recovery – identifying the problem, calming & resolving
  • The next step(s) & Closing the Call on a positive note
  • Follow-up – keeping our promise!

In addition to our own tailor-made training we’re also delighted to be able to offer nationally recognised Welcome to Excellence courses.

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