QDOS – Corporate Responsibility

At QDOS we do all we can to act responsibly in every area of business.

Among our Training Portfolio is the nationally recognised course – Green Edge. This course encourages participants to work smart and save costs as well as energy and materials.

Another course in our Portfolio is Welcome All, again a nationally recognised course that encourages Service providers to consider the needs of disabled customers & employees. This course helps those at the Customer interface to feel more confident when delivering service to people with disabilities and to other groups of Customers such as those whose first language is not English or whose Culture may be different to our own – in other words the kind of people who may have specific & important needs that we can easily overlook until faced with an unexpected request.


We operate a ‘Not in use – then switch it off!’ policy. We don’t leave equipment on Standby. We minimize the use of paper by re-using all recyclable paper and encouraging clients to accept reports as e-mailed attachments – giving them the choice as to whether to print. We offer clients a discount if they can accept Mystery Shopping ‘Test Call’ recordings as e-mailed file attachments rather than burning to CD – thus saving substantial materials.

  • We use only energy-saving light bulbs in our offices.
  • Only offices in use are heated and all are insulated and double-glazed.
  • Our offices are not air-conditioned.
  • Company vehicles achieve an average of 50mpg or better.


We are an Equal Opportunities employer and employ Mystery Shoppers purely on the basis of experience, previous performance, professionalism, client specification & proximity to the unit in question.


We pride ourselves on making prompt payment to Suppliers – normally within 14 days of receipt of invoice. In the case of Shoppers who have already made expenditure as part of their project, we usually settle within 7 days of invoice receipt.

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