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How well do you sell?

There are a number of good reasons to check how well your Sales Team is performing – it could simply be to avoid complacency or it could be in response to new products, new packages or prices, new Team members, new competitors or new negotiation strategies, advertising campaigns etc.

However well we look after our Customers, and however loyal those Customers might be there will always be the need to market our business and thus the need to check how enquiries are handled.


Calls can be made during office hours to test your primary team or out-of-hours to assess the performance of Team members who play a ‘covering’ role e.g. Reception for Reservations or Duty Managers for Wedding or other Event enquiries.

Examples of relevant enquiries include:


  • Accommodation Reservations
  • Event Enquiries
  • Golf & Leisure Memberships
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Mystery Memberships


If you want to know how you’re treating your Golf / Leisure Members then why not have someone on the inside to tell you exactly how it is?

Events / Exhibition venues & City / Regional Event Services

From small events for fewer than 100 delegates /guests to city-wide event requirements for 1000+ we can use any type of brief you provide, or create our own to meet your requirements so that you can find out what really happens when an enquiry is made with your Team.

Visitor Attractions

You receive enquiries of many different types perhaps including: educational groups, touring groups, special interest groups and, of course, individuals from far and wide with all sorts of different questions and interests.

We will take on whatever guise(s) you deem to be appropriate and make enquiries to suit your purpose so that you can establish how well your Team handle such calls / e-mails and how quickly and professionally they follow them up.

Commercial, Retail & Other Sectors

Over the years we’ve made enquiries with organisations as diverse as Solicitors and Estate Agents to Manufacturers and Travel companies. It is sometimes appropriate for a Sales Enquiry to be combined with a Customer Experience i.e. an enquiry prior to a visit or an unrelated enquiry made during a visit. Discounts are offered where this approach is adopted. See Customer Experience

Enquiries can be made via website, e-mail or telephone and are evidenced by documentation or audio-file accordingly. Audio-files can be submitted as CD tracks or, at a discount, e-mailed directly to you for PC-play with e.g. Windows Media.

Please see Mystery Shopping Overview for further details.

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