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The benefits of Mystery Shopping are recognised across most sectors of commerce & industry – for a wide range of different purposes & benefits. You will have your own specific interests & our task is to carefully apply the best approach in order to obtain the feedback you need.

If the results are good then you have peace of mind, if they are poor then you can take corrective action with urgency and if results are mixed then you know where to focus your resources, what external resources are required and that continual assessment is needed in order to measure improvements.


Evidence can be provided in the form of straightforward written Shopper Testimony, Documentation copies, Audio-recording [standard for Telephone Enquiry work] or Video-recording. Consideration needs to be given to the nature & environment of the transaction as well as Employee Terms & Conditions. In principle Mystery Shopping is the best way to find out what’s really happening within your organisation. See below for New User guidance and, if in doubt, consult your legal advisor.

Localised Mystery Shopping – A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Identifying opportunities for better service & better Selling Skills in a face-to-face environment. Our professional Shoppers will help to identify opportunities to enhance the Customer Experience, increase Customer Spend and, in the case of Sales Enquiries, how Sales Conversion prospects could be improved. In part this is achieved through analysis of the systems & procedures and in part through observation of the interpersonal skills of your Team members.

Remote Mystery Shopping – Telephone & E-mail Assessments

In the role of Potential or Prospective customer our Mystery Caller/E-mailer will contact your business so as to provide you with invaluable feedback as to how their enquiry, complaint etc. was handled.

Market Share

QDOS offers objective feedback on any typical customer experience within your Market. We are also able to provide a Benchmarking Service for any group of co-operating competitors.

Guidance for New Users

We recommend that you advise your Team in advance of engaging the services of a Mystery Shopping company. It is best to include as many Team members as possible within the Assessment programme so that stronger performances can be used as an example to teams or individuals who perform less well. Encouraging a positive attitude towards this valuable measurement tool requires careful management of the way in which results are fed back. Check Employee terms & conditions.

QDOS Assessments are worded in considerate & supportive language and, whilst shortfalls in performance must be highlighted, we aim to do so with an encouraging approach.

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